Nowadays, there are many ways for a landlord to advertise. However, choosing the right communication media is essential to conclude a transaction. We offer you a list of 3 places to promote your property for sale.

In order to choose the best real estate portal, we advise you to check the following criteria

The monthly traffic of the site,
the target clientele of the platform,
the number of photos and the character limit,
whether or not it specialises in real estate,
the quality of the search engine.
In addition to these criteria, the portal’s business model must also be studied closely. Indeed, the free packages offered by the platforms are often very limited. Among these limitations, the time required to publish an ad and the number of photos are classics in the sector. In the end, choosing a subscription site can be more economical. However, check the content of the offer as well as the price.

Professional tools

Although most homeowners try to sell on their own, a large number of them do not manage to conclude the transaction. In fact, less than a third of sales are made between private individuals. In this context, professional tools can greatly facilitate the marketing process. Obviously, access to this type of functionality requires the services of a real estate professional.

International portals

For your convenience, here are the most important portals abroad. In the UK, Rightmove is the right place to advertise. In Germany, turn to Immobilienscout24.

In Italy, Immobiliare is the leading portal.

In the US, Zilow will give you a maximum scrabble score and a prime spot for your ad.

Finally, Juwai allows you to publish in China without mastering Chinese characters.

Social networks

Apart from liking memes and sharing moments of your life, social networks can also be used to promote your property ad. Once your property is published on a portal, ask your friends to share it. If you use the services of an agency, bring up the subject of social media. Indeed, a page with many fans will ensure better visibility for your property.

Some social media features can also be used for real estate. Facebook is a good way to promote your property. Indeed, the Marketplace offers you the possibility to directly publish the advertisement of your property. In addition, writing a publication presenting your home on a specialised group can also help you to attract the attention of buyers. In this context, you should therefore give preference to communities with a large number of members.3