The price of accommodation on the Costa Brava

Villa by the sea on the Costa Brava house of 140 m² on the Costa Brava costs nearly 300,000 Euros or 2,143 Euros per m².

With these 300,000 Euros, you will find yourself with two floors with heating, four bedrooms, three complete bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a terrace, a garage on the ground floor and a swimming pool.

An 80 m² apartment with a sea view costs around 310,000 Euros or 3,875 Euros per m².

At this price, you will have three double bedrooms with possibly fitted wardrobes, two bathrooms, a dining room, a kitchen and a storage room.

At this price, you will also have an elevator, a common garden and a parking space.

The legal procedures for the purchase of an old property on the Costa Brava Make sure you talk to the legal owner of the property before making a purchase.

Request and check the cadastral register of the property.

Check that the previous owner has paid all water, electricity and gas bills, as well as any condominium charges. Ask for a certificate of absence of debts from the town hall to make sure that your former owner has paid his taxes, and that the property is not at risk of being seized.

If the accommodation is on the first line of the beach, it must comply with the law of the Costa Brava coastline.

Buying a new property on the Costa Brava: The financial advantages The prices of new properties are equivalent to or lower than those of old properties.

You will find on the Costa Brava new apartments of 55 m² at a price of 120,000 Euros and old apartments of 80 m² at a price of 175,000 Euros.

You will not have to incur additional costs by buying a new home, since it does not require renovations, etc.